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Back and Neck Pain 

Dr. Binkley understands how pain can limit activities and decrease the quality of life. We want you to know that we will genuinely listen to your concerns and discuss your treatment options in terms that you can understand. Our goal is to restore pain-free motion so that you can resume work or your favorite activities as soon as possible. Our orthopedic surgeon specializes in nonsurgical and surgical treatment, pain management, and rehabilitation of the full spectrum of spine conditions.

Common back and neck conditions we treat include:

Onsite Epidurals at Northview Surgery Center

Epidurals place pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medication near the source of the problem to ease back pain. There are several conditions that involve the nerves in the neck, upper back, and lower back that can contribute to chronic pain. An epidural is a short outpatient procedure that can be performed right here at our surgery center. 

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Comprehensive Care for Your Neck and Back

Is neck or back pain bothering you? Please contact Northview Associates at (706) 864-7904 to learn how we can help or request an appointment online. For long-lasting pain relief, visit Dr. Binkley in Dahlonega, or Blairsville, Georgia today.