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Hip and Knee Issues, Arthritis and Injuries 

Your hips and knees bear your full body weight and have a wide range of motion, making them susceptible to injury and arthritis. Dr. Alan Binkley is experienced in hip and knee problems associated with sports, aging, trauma, and arthritis. Our goal is to help you gain full function of your hip or knee after surgery to get you back to your favorite activities as soon as possible.

Common hip and knee conditions we see include:

While our orthopedic doctor will try conservative treatment methods first, such as medication, cortisone injections, visco-supplementation, or physical therapy, you may ultimately need surgery. If you have severe arthritis, hip or knee replacement can vastly improve your quality of life. Knee injuries may damage ligaments or cartilage, leading to the need for surgery to repair the ACL, PCL, or menisci. Learn more about these procedures below.

Hip Replacement

The hip is one of the most commonly replaced joints. Osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis, is the main reason for hip replacement surgery. Arthritis causes the protective cartilage in the hip joint to wear away, leading to bone-on-bone rubbing, swelling, and pain.

Hip replacement surgery, also called hip arthroplasty, involves removing the damaged portion of the hip and replacing it with artificial implants. These devices are a replacement for the natural joint and allow pain-free movement.

Knee Ligament & Cartilage Repair

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) cross inside the knee joint and help keep it aligned. The ACL and PCL and the ligaments on the inner and outer sides of the knee can be injured during sports that involve abrupt slowing down, landing, twisting or changing directions, body contact, or falls.

In many cases, the protective cartilage in the knee joint is injured as well. Treatment of knee ligament and cartilage injuries is individualized and depends on several factors. Physical therapy and rehabilitation can help restore function for some people. If you need knee ligament reconstruction, Dr. Hochschild and Dr. Binkley have the advanced training and experience you can trust, including arthroscopic procedures that can help you get back in the game in the shortest time possible.

Knee Replacement

Knee problems are common and can occur from injury, aging, “wear and tear,” or disease, such as arthritis. Arthritis can cause the protective cartilage located between the bones in the knee joint to wear away. Loss of the protective cartilage causes the bone to rub together.

For many, knee replacement is the only way to relieve pain, restore motion, and improve quality of life. Knee replacement surgery, also called knee arthroplasty, involves removing the damaged portion of the knee and replacing it with artificial implants. Total knee replacement is highly successful in helping you regain mobility and return to your favorite activities.

Comprehensive Care for Hip and Knee Problems

If you’ve been putting off hip or knee replacement in search of a qualified orthopedic surgeon close to home, look to Dr. Hochschild and Dr. Binkley at Northview Associates in Dahlonega, or Blairsville, Georgia. From diagnostic imaging, evaluation, and outpatient surgery, we are your one-stop-shop for orthopaedic care in North Georgia. Call us today at (706) 864-7904 or use our online appointment request form at your convenience.