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Open MRI & Diagnostic Imaging

Your MRI and X-rays can be performed right at Northview Associates. State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging is just another way that we provide extraordinary care, close to home.

Open MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans provide highly detailed images of anatomical structures, especially soft tissue. An MRI is a painless procedure and simply requires that you remain motionless while the images are taken. An open MRI machine allows images to be taken without the narrow “tunnel” of traditional MRI equipment. Open MRI is ideal for people with anxiety in small, closed spaces or those who are obese. Additionally, open MRI allows the examination of small areas of the body, such as just the shoulder or just the knee.

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Digital X-ray

X-rays provide a good picture of bones and can help your doctor diagnose a fracture or plan treatment. X-rays are painless and simply require that you remain motionless while the images are taken.

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